Thursday, November 1, 2007

More on Town Center West

I too wondered where the Grand Opening of Town Center West, went to, thought perhaps I'd missed it while on vacation.. As you pointed out, the sky high rental costs must be a huge factor.
If the Powers That Be in Goochland County are bound and determined to develop the retail space adjacent to Satterwhites, it should only be done only after more consideration to all the points already highlighted in the Keep Goochland Beautiful web site, and by concerned citizens at public meetings with some of those same officials.

In other words, development after appropriate traffic lights, access/exit to the stores with safety in mind, and equally important, a "village type" architectural design put in place (notice that Henrico County installed a traffic light at the entrance to Town Center West). The revenue created by the stores would be of benefit to all Goochland's residents.. Growth is inevitable, but our elected officials should be listening closely to their constituents - those officials are elected by the grace of those very same Goochland residents..

(posted by Sandra Randell)

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