Friday, November 2, 2007

Letter to Jim Eads

Dear District 5 Voters:

I wanted to share a recent letter that I sent to Mr. Jim Eads, current District 5 Supervisor. I supported Mr. Eads in his first run for the Board.

I am supporting Mr. Pat Turner for District 5 Supervisor in this election. In my letter that I have attached, you will see my reasons for my support of Mr. Pat Turner. Please read my letter to Mr. Eads carefully as you make your decision of how to cast your vote on Tuesday.

I urge you to vote for Pat Turner on Tuesday, November 6th. We need a supervisor that is committed to the best interests of our district and the rest of Goochland County.


Bryan Kornblau
Citizen of District 5

October 27, 2007

Dear Jim,

I am really appalled by your letter to your “fellow citizens” regarding the fundraising by your opponent. Instead of trying to discredit him, you should stick with the issues. Why did you not publicize that your supporters included developers, builders, realtors, appraisers, and PACs in your run for the Board? When you bought me lunch at the Commonwealth Club in 1999 and asked me for my support, did you consider that raising money from the development community was bad for your campaign? Hardly!

But now you choose to list the donors to Pat Turner’s campaign in a feeble attempt to persuade the voters in our district to vote against development. Hundreds of folks in our district rely on the construction and real estate community for their livelihoods. A vote for Jim Eads is a vote for continued sprawl. It is time for someone to take charge on growth issues. It is time for your “peace in the valley” approach to be retired. As a matter of fact, during our lunch at your club, you told me that you didn’t believe in supervisors running for more than a couple of terms. I guess you flip-flopped on that position too.

Jim, I am sorry that you have to resort to sending out a letter and list of Mr. Turner’s donors. It did not have to turn out this way. You could have kept your promises and dealt with issues with resolve. You could have helped provide services to your constituents. Instead, you have to resort to a last minute letter out of desperation that attacks your constituents, some of which supported you eight years ago. It is no wonder that they are not supporting you this time.

Bryan Kornblau
Resident, District 5
Goochland County

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